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Our Mission

Jabberwocky Studios empowers and enfranchises participants through the arts while celebrating the diversity of our community.

Tuition Policy

Jabberwocky Studios realizes that economic differences are a significant source of diversity in our community. In an effort to represent this diversity among Jabberwocky participants we maintain the following policy: Children and adults from any family that qualifies for free or reduced school lunch may participate in Jabberwocky classes, camps, or activities by making a donation to the studio. There should be one donation per student per activity. A donation level for each class will be suggested but any donation will be accepted as sufficient.

Spring Break Hip Hop Camp

March 28 - April 1, 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

It's time to line up some spring break fun!

Join us for a week of dance, rapping, art and fun with Ismaeel. This camp will mix lots of art activities with time to hang out with old friends and make new ones. We will record our music at Darkroom Recording Studio and it will be available to everyone via Sound Cloud.

Tuition and Other Policies

Implemented March 2015

The policies of Jabberwocky Studios in regards to class cancellation, tuition, space rental policy, and instructor benefits, reviews, and salary.

Free Hair Care Clinic

April 3, 6:30 - 7:30 PM

Hear advice on keeping black hair healthy, learn styling techniques, and get product tips, all from professional stylists. Bring your kids or come alone!

Please text 573-239-9899 with your name and #hairclinic to register.

African Dance Workshop

April 30, 1:00 - 2:30

Jabberwocky Studios will be hosting Julie Staveley-O’Carroll, fresh from her most recent study of dance in Guinea, for a West African dance workshop. Get ready to dance to live drumming! No need to register; just join us at Jabberwocky this Saturday, April 30, from 1:00-2:30 PM. The cost of the class will be a sliding scale from $5 to $20. There will be no charge for children accompanied by parents. Wear bendy clothes!

Please contact Julie with questions at 843-901-8487.

Our Programs

Visual Arts

"My daughter and I love the warm and inspiring environment at Jabberwocky Studios and can't wait to take another class."

--Shruthi T., student

Graphic Novel Creation: Inking and Coloring

Instructor: Joe Schlottach

Receive expert instruction and practice your skills as you help bring Jabberwocky’s first graphic novel to life with color! Relaxed in a supportive environment and watch your inner artist blossom.

Ages 9 and up, family groups encouraged!

Sundays, 4:00-5:00 PM
8 classes beginning July 17

$100 per student.


"My girls have LOVED their dance classes at Jabberwocky! Hip Hop, Breakdancing, and Beginner Ballet are awesome and their instructors are amazing."

--Brooke O., parent

Beginner Ballet

Instructor: Caitlynn Noltie

The youngest ballerinas will build strength and coordination in a supportive, friendly, fun environment. This class will teach ballet basics including the five positions, plies, turns and leaps using exercises and techniques that are suitable to young dancers.

Ages 5 and up

Thursdays 5:15-6:15 PM
Two 6-week sessions beginning July 14 / August 25

$60 per student.

Beginner Tap

Instructor: Grace Jonas

Students will have fun learning the basics of rhythm while making music with their feet using shuffles, flaps, stomps and stamps, which they will combine into basic sequences and combinations. Students will have a sense of accomplishment as they begin to see results on the first day!

Ages 5 and up

Mondays 5:15-6:15 PM
Two 6-week sessions beginning July 11 / August 22

$60 per student.

Beginner Hip Hop

Instructor: Joe Schlottach

Intended for the youngest hip hop dancers, this fun, low-pressure class will introduce the basics of hip hop technique while improving students’ balance, rhythm, and musicality. Click here to watch some young hip hop dancers in action!

Ages 8 and up

Sundays, 5:00-6:00 PM
12 classes beginning July 17

$120 per student.

Music and Movement for Foster Children

Instructor: Grace Jonas

Foster children will have a great time with peers as they use games to explore movement, body control, balance, and musicality; the foundations of dance. Basic elements of hip hop dance will be taught as children are gently introduced to the structure of a formal class.

Ages 4 and up

Mondays 6:15-7:15 PM
Two 6-week sessions beginning July 11 / August 22

$60 per student.

Adult Hip Hop

Instructor: Ismaeel Bilal

This class will introduce dancers to the basics of hip hop technique. Learn to pop and lock and use isolations to create your own hip hop dance moves. Click here to watch some young hip hop dancers in action!

Ages 17 and up

Sundays, 6:00-7:00 PM
11 classes beginning July 24

$110 per student.

Hip Hop Squad

Instructor: Ismaeel Bilal

Students who have completed one of our hip hop classes or have some previous dance experience will benefit for the faster pace of our intermediate class as they explore more complex moves and choreography. The new, longer class format will allow extra time to perfect techniques! Click here to watch some great hip hop!

Prerequisite: Beginner Hip Hop or permission of instructor

Sundays, 7:15-8:30 PM
11 classes beginning July 24

$150 per student.

Bollywood Dance

Instructor: Anagha Bock

Bollywood dance is a mix of many dance styles. Americans may be familiar with these dynamic dance routines from Bollywood movies or favorite films like Slum Dog Millionaire. This class will incorporate traditional dance forms such as bhangra and garba along with fusion dances for a good cardio workout. No prior experience is needed to dance with us while getting fit and having fun! Click here to see Bollywood fusion dance that helped seal the pageant victory for Miss America 2014.

Ages 12 and up, parent/child teams encouraged

Saturdays, 12:00-1:00 PM
6 classes beginning July 16

$60 per student

Line Dancing

Instructors: Nakita and Eli DuBose

Learn popular line dances from the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s as well as those your kids do now. Our dynamic duo of newly wed DuBoses will keep the class fun and relaxed! Make friends while getting some mild cardio. Bring a beverage to enjoy during the class or to drink while hanging out afterward.

Ages 21 and up, BYOB

Saturdays, 7:30-8:30 PM
Two 6-week sessions beginning July 16 / August 27

$60 per student

Belly Dancing

Instructor: Donna DeLong Hamilton

In this beginner class learn the fundamental movements that will provide a base for your dance. Belly dancing incorporates the entire body and is a gentle exercise that will improve flexibility and strength. Belly dancing also provides an opportunity to explore your creativity as you learn to put movements to music. Each week, movements learned will be incorporated in a short choreography.

Ages 18 and up

Sundays, 3:00-4:00 PM
6 classes beginning August 14

$60 per student or $12.50 drop-in fee

Beginner Break Dance

Instructor: Joe Schlottach

Learn how to do those seemingly impossible moves and put your own stamp on this very individual art form. This class will focus on the break dancing basics of top rock, footwork, power moves and freezes. You will be surprised at what you can do! Click here to see an incredible example of a young break dancer.

Ages 6 and up

Fridays, 6:45-7:45 PM
12 classes beginning July 15

$120 per student.

Break Dance Open Studio

Instructor: Joe Schlottach

In this class the focus will be on learning and perfecting the skills that YOU want to master. Hang out with other dancers and benefit from the expertise of the instructor while you grow as a dancer. This is the way that B-boys and B-girls have always perfected their skills!

Skill level intermediate and up

Fridays, 8:00-9:15 PM
12 classes beginning July 15

$150 per student or a drop-in fee of $15 per class


"I feel really comfortable in front of Kacie...I am learning new techniques and realizing I can hit notes I didn't know I could hit."

--Janylah T., student

Voice instructor Kacie Watson

Private Instruction

Instructor: Kacie Watson

Private lessons lasting 30 minutes. $20 per session. Please contact Linda Schust at jabberwockycomo@gmail.com to arrange for a trial lesson.


Write to Express Yourself, Write for Fun, Write for Success

Instructor: Myria Key

There is a style of writing right for every circumstance. Come and explore writing in its many forms through fun, interactive experiences and projects. Publish your work at the end of the class.

Ages 10-14

Mondays, 6-7 PM, 8 weeks; June 8 - July 27

$80 per student.


S'mores Diversity Play

S’mores is a short original play about a group of fishy friends who learn that diversity is strength with the help of their off the wall fairy godfish. An interactive workshop accompanying the performance will help audience members to recognize their own unique perspectives and the value of diversity in their lives. As part of Jabberwocky’s outreach efforts, the play will be performed for no charge at each of the nineteen Adventure Club sites in Columbia. The play is geared toward K-5 audiences.

Contact Linda Schust at jabberwockycomo@gmail.com to schedule a performance of the play at your school or organization.

Hip Hop Classes

Jabberwocky instructors will offer free 8-week classes in hip hop dance at select Adventure Club sites. When choosing host schools, consideration will be given to reaching students who may be underserved by the arts. If you know someone at a Jabberwocky dance school Adventure Club please encourage them to participate!

Performances for Elders

Jabberwocky brings free bi-monthly dance or vocal performances to Columbia area elder care and assisted living facilities. Contact us to schedule a performance!

Use Our Space

Artsy Parties

Use our space to host a birthday party. We can offer arts or crafts activities for participants and arrange for catering.

Dance Parties

Use our 750 square foot dance floor, amplification system and adjoining rooms to host a dance party for your child, family, or organization.

Book Clubs

Use our reading room for your book club. Coffee available.

See our rental policy

Contact Linda Schust at jabberwockycomo@gmail.com for scheduling and pricing information.


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