We Celebrate diversity

Jabberwocky believes that celebrations are powerful ways to bring our community together in joy and mutual appreciation, to mark our successes, and to build a strong foundation for our future.

Something new for 2024! 


Africa Fest will become Arms Wide Open, a two day celebration of the cultures of many of the immigrants and refugees with whom we are lucky enough to live and learn in Columbia. Jabberwocky will present this celebration in partnership with the MU Division of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity on September 28-29, 2024 at the MU Healthcare Pavilion. Check back often for updates!

Africa Fest 2022: Mad about Madagascar 

Africa Fest 2022 focused on the diversity of Africa by featuring a headline performance and cooking class by Aina Cook, an internationally acclaimed blues artist from Madagascar, and her family. Aina enjoyed getting in touch with her musical roots while performing traditional songs in Malagasy. The fest also entailed a performance and dance class by Soundz of Africa and Esoke, a performance at Smithton Middle School, an African market with local immigrant and refugee vendors, and an African dance class.

Africa Fest 2021: Our Children 


Africa Fest 2021 drew a hopeful message during a dark time by focusing on the vitality, and talent of children. The event was streamed, and featured live and pre-recorded performances by children and teens. The format allowed us to include performers in Africa including song, dance and cultural education videos by the African Children’s Choir in Uganda, a performance by Children at the Dagbe Cultural Center in Ghana, and traditional storytelling by Alfred Lesurmat, a Samburu man in Kenya, and his children.

Africa Fest 2020: The New African Magic

Africa Fest 2020 celebrated the modernity of Africa and its ongoing contributions to American and world music and dance. Co-hosted by Jabberwocky and the MU African Graduate and Professional Student Association, It featured an African market with immigrant and refugee vendors from Africa, a dance class and a school performance by our headline artists, and it culminated at the Missouri Theater with a performance be our guests, Harambee Dance Company and local artists.

Africa Fest 2019:

The Power and Promise of Women

Cohosted by Jabberwocky and the Mizzou African Graduate and Professional Student Association, this event celebrated women with performances and speeches by African and African American women at our Gala at the Missouri Theater, and presentations and classes for middle school students at Smithton and Oakland Middle Schools.


Africa Fest 2018


Africa Fest 2018’s culminating performance at the Rhynsberger Theater at Mizzou featured performances by Seny Daffe, the Mizzou World Percussion Ensemble and Jabberwocky’s African dancers led by Julie Staveley O’Carroll. Africa Fest 2018 also offered community dance and drumming classes and educational opportunities led by local Africans.