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Instructor: Katie Huxol

The goal of this class is to discover what art means to you while exploring different types of art and basic art techniques.

Class Schedule:

June 29- We will be talking about what art is and we will get to know each-other by creating a self-portrait with markers and colored pencils.

July 6- We will be mixing primary colors to make a color wheel and then we will use those colors to create a colorful art piece with paint.

July 13-You are encouraged to bring in your own art for a show and tell. We will look at different types of art and talk about what inspires us. Then we will use nature as an inspiration to create with air dry clay.

July 20-Bring your hiking boots, we will be venturing out into the wilderness and explore photography. (Please bring your camera, digital camera, or even your cell phone)

July 27-What colors do you see in the photographs that you took? Can you draw what you see? Can you change the color scheme? We will use oil pastels, your photos (or magazine pictures), and your eye for color to create something new.

Aug 3-No Class (Go out and explore the world!

Aug 10-No Class (Take a free day and have fun!)

Aug 17-Where do you see art in your everyday life? Art may be just under your nose. Today you are encouraged to cut out your favorite pieces of art from magazines and make your own collage.

Aug 24-Sometimes art is used to express many different parts of our lives (memories, places, feelings, etc.) Today we will tune in to our 5-year-old selves and create a memorable piece through finger painting.

Aug 31-Although most art is very colorful the lack of color in an art piece can also make a statement. Today we will look at black and white art pieces and use pencil to create.

Sept 7-Sometimes you must use what you have to create your own art. Today we will try upcycling. (Feel free to bring in something old that you want to transform)

Sept 14- So What have you learned? Has your view on art changed? We will create a masterpiece showing the world your view on art.