Dance Classes

No matter what your age or experience level, Jabberwocky’s dance classes will strengthen your body and mind, connect you to other people and make your day! Jabberwocky prides itself on being Columbia’s home for hip hop, but we offer a wide variety of classes to appeal to every taste.

  • Beginning ballet will give students a well rounded introduction to the art of ballet. Students will receive instruction on technique, musicality, and classroom etiquette and procedure.
    • Ages 5-11
    • Wednesdays 4:30-5:15p (45min)
    • $105 per 12-week session
    • New session begins Jan 22nd
  • This class is suitable for absolute beginners and those looking to strengthen foundational skills. Students will have a great time practicing rhythm and body awareness while learning the basics of hip hop and preparing and learning to perform some fun choreography!
    • ages 6-14
    • Mondays 5:30-6:30
    • $140 per 12-week session
    • New session begins Jan 22nd
  • The elements of Mini Ballerina will be structured around coordination and sequence-related exercises, formations that teach body awareness, movement exercises that emphasize straight legs and pointed feet, posture, placement, stretches and comportment of classical ballet. The class will introduce basic ballet technique, proper body alignment, French terminology and musicality. Center work and across the floor combinations will be taught in each class in a fun and engaging manner.
    • Ages 3-5
    • Wednesdays 5:15-5:45pm (30 min)
    • $70 per 12-week session
    • New session begins Nov 3rd
  • In this introductory class students will learn basics of the four pillars of break dance; top rock, footwork, power moves and freezes.
    • Ages 6 and up
    • Fridays 5:30-6:30p
    • $140 per 12-week session
    • New session begins Jan 22nd
  • This class allows students to pursue advanced skills with the guidance of an instructor and support of their peers. With additional rigor, we will focus on flow and style in addition to expanding our repertoire of moves. This class integrates strength building exercises that help with performance and mastery of moves.
    • Ages 8 and up
    • Fridays 6:30-8p (1.5hr)
    • $150 per 12-week session
    • New session begins Jan 22nd
  • This class will teach you to polish skills, pick up choreography quickly, and present a clean performance. Represent Jabberwocky at performances during local events such as Art in the Park. By invitation. Invited dancers will form Jabberwocky's performance squad for private and public events. Call to schedule an audition.
    • By invitation
    • Sundays, 5:30-6:30p
    • $70 per 12-week session
    • New session begins Oct 31st


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