Learning the arts is fun, and fabulous for you!

Recent research shows that increases in arts educational experiences across dance, music and the visual arts, improve students’ academic, social and emotional outcomes while increasing empathy and college aspirations. Adults who participate in the arts show increased civic engagement and tolerance. Art is transformative fun!


In addition to our excellent hip hop and break dance programs, Jabberwocky offers a variety of other dance styles for dancers of all ages and abilities. Check back frequently for new class offerings.

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Jabberwocky offers opportunities for families and groups to create art in a festive environment as well as offering traditional art classes. Check back frequently for new offerings.

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Grow with us as we expand our theatre program. We welcome actors of all races, genders, life styles and incomes. Explore our world through theater. Diversity makes our program strong!

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Jabberwocky offers private vocal instruction by arrangement with our teacher. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced vocalist, we’ll work with you to identify and achieve your goals.

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Our STEAM program focuses on providing an integrated experience that uses all five threads of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). Our participants learn, create and explore in an environment that mimics work and life!

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Jabberwocky is committed to making our programs available to everyone—regardless of income. We serve foster kids, immigrants, incarcerated youth and school children.